Life Sciences company championing development and delivery of psychedelics and naturally-extracted therapies to treat brain injuries Wesana Health Holdings Inc. (CNSX: WESA) announced having entered in a partnership with the University of South Carolina to develop and build a facility for advanced research and product development related to treating traumatic brain injury and improving neurological performance.

This facility will be named Brainstorm Lab and it will serve as a center for cognitive and neurological improvement research, protocols, formulations, product development and technology advancement.

The Brainstorm team will be working with the advanced neuroscience resources at the University of South Carolina and other leading universities to come up with FDA-approved medication solutions for fundamental problems related to traumatic brain injury.

The founder and executive chairman of Wesana, Chad Bronstein, said the company will provide cash contribution of $1.5 million to be used in building of Brainstorm center. Wesana will further carry out the clinical drug development work.

The University of South Carolina is a recognized global leader at the convergence of health and sports with the top-ranked exercise program in the nation, and top-three ranked program in the world. Through the combined efforts of Wesana and UofSC, this research center and its focus on the intersection of neurological health and athletic performance will help to advance the state of brain health amongst athletes and put them in position for greater success both during and after their playing careers,” said Bronstein.

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