The Petrie-Flom center for health law policy, biotechnology and bioethics in Harvard School law School has launched a research initiative known as the Project on Psychedelic Law and Regulation (POPLAR) which will look into psychedelics with an aim of promoting evidence based laws subject to psychedelics.

The Harvard School of Law says that this initiative will promote safety, innovation, equity and access in psychedelics research, commerce and therapeutics.

This development comes as the first academic initiative giving a clear focus on psychedelics law, policy, ethics and regulation.

This initiative commences at a time when psychedelics space is increasingly expanding its influence and popularity across the world. The project will be capitalizing on this expanding popularity to engage on legal and ethical maters emanating from the psychedelics space.

Pertie-Flom says that it will be focusing on five major areas in this project, these five areas include;

  1. Ethics in Psychedelics Research and Therapeutics.
  2. Challenges at the Intersection of Psychedelics and Intellectual Property Law.
  3. Opportunities for Federal Support of Psychedelics Research.
  4. Access to Psychedelic Therapies and Equity in Emerging Psychedelics Industries.
  5. The Role of Psychedelics in Healing Trauma.

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