Mental wellness company specializing in accelerating patient access to evidence-based innovation in mental health COMPASS Pathways PLC (CMPS) unveiled a new podcast dubbed ‘Everyone has a story: talking about mental health.’

This podcast will be featuring influential guests who will share their personal mental health journeys and discuss critical issues in the mental health care space such as patient access and compassion.

The podcast is aiming at opening up a dialogue about mental health challenges so as to reduce stigma and secure better care for patients battling mental health conditions.

The first episode in the podcast is set to feature ex-UK government minister and health campaigner Sir Norman Lamb, he will be joining the company’s founder and CEO, George Goldsmith, to discuss matters concerning experiences of dealing with mental health issues in the family perspective.

The second episode will feature New York Times best-selling author, mental health advocate and Grammy-award nominated singer, Jewel, who will be joining the team to discuss how she overcame mental health issues as a teenager and how she maintains mental wellbeing up to date.

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