Psychedelic medicine company specializing in developing and deploying psychedelic inspired medicine and therapies MindMed Inc. (MMED) announced having entered into a partnership with provider of healthcare data platform focusing on linking and matching disparate patient information Datavant.

This partnership entails capitalizing on the data linking functionality to improve real world treatment, service utilization and healthcare experiences of psychiatric and substance use disorders patients.

Truly understanding the patient journey by knowing about all relevant encounters and events that lie outside of the limited window of clinical trials will enable us to better develop and deploy therapeutics that offer new hope for people who are suffering,” said MindMed’s CEO, Robert Barrow.

This data linking will enable MindMed to create broad and detailed datasets to have a better understanding of both the relevant illness the relevant illness and the paths of care through which patients proceed. This will further help the company in clinical trial planning, execution and preparation for commercialization of its novel molecules.

Data fragmentation today prevents organizations from understanding how innovative therapies can be used to improve patient outcomes. The ability to safely connect data from across the healthcare ecosystem to understand the safety, efficacy, and access to a variety of therapeutic interventions creates the opportunity to greatly improve outcomes in psychiatry and addiction medicine,” said Datavant’s CEO, Travis May.

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