United Sates based psychedelic beverage company Psychedelic Water has unveiled world’s first ever psychedelic beverage which comes as one of its kind in the beverage market. The company says it used Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliant ingredients in production of the beverage.

Psychedelic Water believes this new product will come with a consumer experience of its kind one which has never been experienced before. This experience will be incorporating psychedelics into people’s lives.

Let’s face it Everywhere we turn, we’re told what to like, what to think and how to be, we wanted to break the feedback loop and empower the inspiring universe of independent thinkers and creative pioneers. That’s why we created Psychedelic Water, the first legal psychedelic,” said the company.

The company unveiled the beverage going by the name ‘Psychedelic Water’ which comes into two flavors and it will be sold in packs of six.

Each six pack will contain three cans of each flavor. Each can contains the brand’s exquisite psychedelic mixture of kava root, damiana leaf, and green tea leaf extract.

Our psychoactive blend is a calming, mild mood-booster that makes you feel good without messing you up, slowing you down, or leaving you hangover just a gentle tongue-tingling feeling of bliss that is just right for any occasion,” added the company.

Currently, this product is only available in the United States, however the company says it plans to roll out the products in Canada, Australia and UK in the near future.

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