Mental wellness company specializing on investigating the potential of psychedelics compounds MindCure Health Inc. (CSE: MCUR) (OTCQB: MCURF) announced having submitted a provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its novel process of synthesizing ibogaine psychedelic compound.

This goes down as the first patent application by the company related to synthesis of psychedelic compounds. According to the filing Mindcure is making two patent applications for two chemical synthesis formulas which have both proved to be successful in extraction of ibogaine.

The two formulas identify the routes which may give advantages of improved isomeric purity, increased chiral purity and more easily isolated intermediate compounds. Both chemical routes are being assessed to identify which one will be picked for further development first.

I believe that the demand for synthetic ibogaine will increase dramatically as research in this field continues to grow. Researchers need access to a standardized, high-quality supply of ibogaine that ensures consistent dosing and reliable results. We look forward to working with researchers in the medical psychedelic industry, and ultimately supplying the broader market to treat all indications supported by research, with an eye to treating addiction at the forefront,” said the company’s CEO, Kelsey Ramsden.

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