Life sciences company focusing on development and delivery of psychedelic therapies to treat traumatic brain injury Wesana Health Corp. (CSE: WESA) announced having appointed Ian Burnstein to its scientific advisory board.

Burnstein will be mandated with providing strategic direction and guidance to the executive team of the company. He will also lay out expansion blueprint of the company and general company efforts related to study and treatment of brain injuries.

Wesana’s mission, as well as the energy and commitment that Daniel, Chad, and the board of directors, bring to the pursuit of innovation surrounding TBI, will revolutionize neurological health solutions. I look forward to the opportunity to support and provide strategic guidance as this company continues to grow on all fronts,” said Burnstain following his appointment.

Burnstein comes with wide entrepreneurship skills, extensive knowledge on how the markets operate, philanthropy and a great understanding of investment strategies.

Ian brings a great understanding of business, real estate, and philanthropy across a variety of industries. He will be an important asset as Wesana identifies valuable growth and expansion opportunities, and forms critical partnerships to further our research and treatment objectives,” said Wesana’s CEO, Daniel Carcillo.

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