Neuropharmaceutical company developing novel rapid-acting treatments for depression and mental health conditions Small Pharma Inc. (TSXV: DMT) announced launching of psychedelics assisted therapy training program.

The company has started this program to educate psychologists on the process required for its DMT-assisted therapy clinical trials.

The company’s Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, Carol Routledge, says that this training program will complement the company’s ongoing phase 2a and 2b studies which are set to begin next year.

With the Phase IIa part of our initial trial due to start imminently, and our Phase IIb clinical trials due to commence in 2022, the Small Pharma training program will ensure psychologists participating in our trials are fully trained and understand the requirements stipulated by the regulatory authorities. We believe that DMT has the potential to transform the lives of millions of patients suffering with depression.  The creation of our program will not only prepare psychologists for our trials, but we hope will be the beginning of a future standard training academy, increasing awareness of the importance of psychedelic-assisted therapy and supporting the future commercialization of our products,” said the Routledge.

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