Life Sciences company focusing on research and production of medical cannabis and psychedelic-assisted therapies Aion Therapeutics Inc. (CSE: AION) is combining the healing powers of cannabinoids and psychedelics to treat depression and cancer.

The company will be advancing use of psychedelics mushrooms by combining them with cannabinoids. Time after time, evidence has proved that these two plants have magnificent healing properties.

Citing recorded data, 74% of prescription drugs are derived from plants, 18% of these plants are specifically fungi. Ancient civilizations like the Greeks and Romans have used cannabis and mushrooms plants for their natural healing properties.

The company says it seeks to combine cannabis and functional mushrooms compounds to come up with a new class of therapies to treat viral infections, inflammation, depression and cancer.

Aion Therapeutics argues that mushrooms help cannabis absorb nutrients while on the other hand, cannabis helps mushroom to acquire carbohydrates hence the need to explore further pharmaceutical development of the two products.

The company says its proprietary and patented combination of mushroom preparations AION F7 and AION F8 proved to have a high efficacy in killing HER2+ breast cancer cells. The company is now seeking to bring research results into clinical trials.

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