A new nose-to-brain drug delivery method dubbed ‘novel sol-gen intranasal drug delivery technology’ is being developed by researches from various companies to help with the treatment of patients suffering from mental health disorders.

Among these companies, include clinical stage biopharmaceutical company aiming at transforming treatment of mental health disorders Atai Life Sciences NV (ATAI) which is set to unveil a subsidiary named InnarisBio, which will be mandated with developing the new nose-to brain drug delivery technology.

Atai Life Sciences says it’s collaborating with University of Queensland on this project. The company is hoping to use this new technology to complement its portfolio of tech start-ups developing psychedelics-assisted mental health therapies.

There has always been a problem with traditional methods of drug delivery to mental health patients due to the blood-brain barrier which may affect its efficacy.

Atai Life Sciences believes this nose-to-brain drug delivery system could be a painless and non-invasive administration method which can potentially result to lower dose requirements than those for oral administration.

In addition, the company believes the new method has more rapid action from the onset and had minimized systemic exposure that could possibly reduce peripheral toxicity compared to the oral administration.

The company says this new method could result to increased patient compliance due to to its ease of administration and quick onset.

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