Natural psychedelic drug extraction and drug discovery company Filament Health Corp. (NEO: FH) announced having received a patent from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office for extraction and standardization of natural psilocybin and associated psychoactive compounds .

This goes down as the first patent for extraction of natural psilocybin by a public listed company. This patent highlights the essential technology for transforming various psychedelics raw materials into pharmaceutical-grade standardized extracts.

We are proud to lead the industry with this first issued natural extraction patent. This approval represents important progress in the development of our intellectual property. At Filament Health, we know that nature is a valuable source of medicine, but that certain technologies are necessary to bring natural products up to a pharmaceutical grade most importantly, through standardization,” said the company’s CEO, Benjamin Lightburn.

The issuance of this patent comes barely days after the company was granted an amendment to its Health Canada Dealer’s License on July 28. The amendment allows for wide operations with all controlled natural psychedelics substances.

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