Mental wellness company specializing on functional mushroom and psychedelics compounds to reduce trauma and other mental conditions Silo Wellness Inc. (CSE: SILO) (OTCQB: SILFF) had entered into a nationwide distribution partnership with UK based brand distributor LocoSoco Group Plc.

According to the partnership pact, both companies will jointly work together in distributing Marley One branded mushrooms products across the UK. The pact states that LocoSoco is the exclusive UK distributor for Silo Wellness for the products.

Not long ago, the family of the late reggae legend, Bob Marley unveiled a new product line dubbed Marley One which comprises of mental wellness products made from psychedelics substances.

This distribution agreement paves way for Marley One products to find their way in the UK market as consumer demand for such products across the region has been on the rise. Silo Wellness is the first psychedelics company to secure a nationwide network of large scale distributor to reach retail consumers in the UK.

Since the launch of Marley One, we’ve been vetting potential partners to help us bring the powerful health and wellness benefits of functional mushrooms to the U.K., where consumer interest in these products is on the rise, and psychedelic products as regulations allows. In LocoSoco, we’ve found a uniquely structured distribution network and like-minded collaborator who shares not only our dynamic vision for the mushroom category but also our principles around community building and value sharing at every point in the supply chain. We think the industry at large will benefit from the synergies of these two established, publicly-traded companies working in sync,” said the CEO of Silo Wellness, Douglas K. Gordon.

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