UK based mental health company focused on conducting clinical research support services and psychedelic assisted therapies Clerkenwell Health announced having partnered with fellow UK based company Transpharmation to conduct psychedelics clinical trial across Europe.

Transpharmation is a leading pre-clinical contact research organization (CRO) for preclinical neuroscience. The company has laboratories distributed across UK, Poland and Ireland.

Clerkenwell is the first UK based CRO to specialize in clinical psychedelic research across Europe. This partnership will give both companies an opportunity to run clinical and preclinical trials side by side offering a one-stop shop for drug developers and speeding clinical psychedelic research.

Clerkenwell is on record as the first Europe based commercial contract research organization focused on offering support for research in psychedelic compounds This partnerships even places the company in a better position to advance psychedelics medicine through accelerated clinical psychedelic research.

It’s fantastic to formalise our relationship with such a well-established preclinical testing specialist. Transpharmation’s expertise in the neuroscience and psychedelics field perfectly complements the work we are doing at Clerkenwell and ensures that we can provide our clients with the full suite of CRO services from early stage regulatory advisory through to trial design and delivery at any stage of the drug development life cycle,” said Clerknwell’s CEO, Tom McDonald.

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