Functional mushroom company focused on development and selling of high potency mushroom extracts Levitee Labs. (CSE: LVT) has appointed National Institute of Health (NIH) scientist Dr. Fady Hannah-Shmuoni as its chief medical officer, chief scientific officer and president of Levitee Clinics and Pharmacies.

In his new roles, Dr. Fady Hannah-Shmouni will be in charge of the medical affairs, research activities and corporate medical strategies of Levitee Labs. Dr. Hannah-Shmouni is a world leading professional in neuroendocrinology and genetics.

He possesses extensive experience in the medical field including serving as a clinician, scientist and director in neuroendocrinology and genetics at the United States National Institute of Health.

Dr. Hannah-Shmouni will also lead the company’s research in psychedelic compounds form mental conditions and pain disorders. He is also expected to use his vast experience in neurohormonal dysregulations of the stress system to come up with innovative research and products.

I am thrilled to be a part of the Levitee Labs team and to use my medical and research experience from NIH to actively study psychedelic medicines for multiple indications, including substance use disorders and chronic pain through innovative research and development. As an internist and neuroendocrinologist, I look forward to leading future investigations of neuroendocrine system involvement in the long-term therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs, a field of study that has traditionally been widely overlooked. I am excited to develop comprehensive, multidisciplinary, patient-centered treatment programs through the inclusion of psychedelic therapies to help address the growing crisis of mental health, pain, and addiction,” said Dr. Hannah-Shmouni.

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