Emerging life sciences company specializing in developing and delivering psychedelic therapies to treat traumatic brain injuries Wesana Health Holdings Inc. (CSE: WESA) (OTCQB: WSNAF) announced having commenced the studies of functional animal to determine the effect of a psilocybin-based regimen on locomotor activity, anxiety and depression.

The company says it will publish results from the studies in the fourth quarter of the year. This study comes after the company just concluded retrospective pilot study to collect quantitative data concerning user experiences with components of a combination therapy for treating mild to moderate traumatic brain injuries, anxiety and depression.

The locomotor study was designed to determine whether selected combinations of doses of the test product had any effects on locomotor activity and how pronounced this effect might be. Preliminary results, just released, indicate all combination doses were well tolerated with no evidence of untoward drug-drug interactions. This data is extremely encouraging and enabled us to commence with the validated functional animal study in models of anxiety and depression with an active control earlier than planned,” said the company’s chief scientific officer, Mark A. Wingertzahn.

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