Biotechnology company focused on reimagining psychoactive medicines such as psilocybin to provide next generation therapies for mental health conditions Psilera Inc. has commenced a landmark preclinical study on new psychedelic derivative aimed at lowering alcohol intake.

Citing documented data, Alcohol use Disorder (AUD) is turning out to be a worrying trend as the alcohol addiction is increasing at an increasing rate. Currently, 283 million people from across the world are affected by alcohol use disorder.

Further, 5.8% of all human deaths in the world are related to alcohol in one way or another. In addition, the data further suggest that only 10% of individuals affected by the alcohol use disorder seek medical help in developed countries.

This one of a kind study will be the first to be conducted on living organisms, the study will be suing psychedelic-inspired new chemical entities (NCEs). The company will present up to seven new chemical entities which will be analyzed to find out the efficacy of alcohol use disorder and psychedelics effects through established preclinical models.

The growing prevalence of alcohol use disorder, especially in conjunction with the Covid-19 pandemic, needs to be addressed as the current methods of treatment are outdated and insufficient. We consider this yet another important step towards our understanding of psychedelic and psychedelic-inspired compounds, and their potential as future medicines in the field of addiction. This in vivo research will provide crucial biological feedback which will further validate our computational efforts with BRAIN to expand towards optimized, next-generation psychedelic treatments,” said the company’s chief scientific officer, Dr. Jackie von Salm.

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