Boxing legend Mike Tyson revealed that he lost 110 pounds after using his first brush psychedelic Toad venom. Tyson made this revelation during the Hotboxin podcast with Wayne Brady.

According to the worldwide boxing icon, the ‘The Toad’ goes down as the most impactful psychedelics experience up to date. Tyson further said psychedelics helped him turn around his life back on track.

Tyson revealed that The Toad causes individuals to change further urging those interested in it should be prepared to change and not become themselves anymore. “First time I did the Toad I lost 110 lbs. man, and this ain’t….and I fought somebody,” said Tyson.

He revealed that a normal Toad experience lasts for about 20 minutes however, these 20 minutes are not the ordinary 20 minutes known to man because according to Tyson, in these 20 minutes, one will get 2,000 years of experience in their face.

Tyson maintains that psychedelics came at his help in reviving his fast fading name and legacy in a great way which restored a positive outlook in his life.

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