Biotechnology company specializing in development and commercialization of psychedelic medicines Psycheceutical Inc. announced having secured new patent rights related to medical application of psychedelics compounds and medicines in the psychedelics industry.

The company has patented delivery systems to allow psychedelics compounds including ketamine, ibogane and psilocybin to be administered without undesired side effects by bypassing the liver and the stomach.

The company will be doing this using its Janus particle technology in which the Janus particle solution uses layered nanoparticles to target particular cells and administer multiple medicines at different times and rates.

This patented psychedelic medicine delivery system was established following a cutting-edge research which was conducted at the University of Michigan by Professor Dr. Anish Tuteja.

The Janus particle technology has immense potential to transform the delivery of psychedelic therapies amid today’s mental health crisis. Nearly all forms of research being done on psychedelics are via the digestive tract, which slows uptake, requires higher dosage, and may lead to harmful side effects in the body. By leveraging nanoparticle encapsulation, Psycheceutical will overcome these limitations. Psycheceutical aims to provide similar nanoparticle-based solutions to any and all companies doing psychedelic drug development research,” said Dr. Anish who joined Psycheceutical as its chief science officer.

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