Psychedelic pharmaceutical company focusing on coming up with new and better therapies for mental conditions Diamond Therapeutics Inc. announced having received regulatory approval from Health Canada to start a clinical trial to find out the effects of low psilocybin doses in healthy volunteers.

This clinical trial will come as the commencement of the company’s clinical program seeking to find out the sub-perceptual, non-hallucinogenic psychedelics treatment.

This clinical trial will study the pharmacokinetics and safety of low doses of psilocybin in a placebo controlled double-blind trials. The trial will use around 80 study participants.

This upcoming clinical trial will enable Diamond to gain critical clinical information that will help inform future human trials with psilocybin and other pipeline compounds,” said the chair to company’s scientific advisory board, Dr. Edward Sellers.

Thereafter, the company is expected to continue with phase 2 trial to find out the efficacy of low-dose psilocybin in treating anxiety which is recorded as the most mental disorder in the United States.

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