The push to legalize psychedelics across California state has been dealt a blow as it will have to wait until next year for California lawmakers to consider the psychedelics decriminalization bill.

California State Senator Scott Wiener has pulled the bill in what he says it’s a bid to allow time for further education for some of his colleagues who are having some reservations on legalization of psychedelics.

The Senator also said this delay will allow supporters of the bill to capitalize on the momentum from this year while building support in the Assembly for next year.

The Senator said he will reintroduce the Senate Bill 519 next year after capturing significant groundwork which is essential for the passage of the psychedelic bill expected to change the legal approach to psychedelics drugs.

While I’m disappointed we couldn’t pass SB 519 this year, I’m heartened that the bill moved as deep into the process as it did and that we have a realistic chance of passing it next year. Given that this idea had never before been introduced in the legislature, our progress is a testament to the power of the issue and the urgency of the need to act,” said Wiener.

According to Senator Wiener, the war on drugs has been a failure and criminalizing people for possession of psychedelics drugs is a poor public policy.

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