Psychedelics company focused on production and sale of magical truffles Red Light Holland Corp. (CSE: TRIP) (OTCMKTS: TRUFF) announced having completed Canada’s largest legal sale and import of psilocybe truffles under a psilocybin import permit granted by Health Canada.

The company completed exporting its freshly harvested high grade psilocybe truffles in bulk quantities from Netherlands to Canada under an import permit granted by Health Canada to CCrest Laboratories Inc. in collaboration with Shaman Pharma Corp.

CCrest Laboratories received 1.5 kg of psilocybe truffles from Red Light Holland. The second shipment and sale from Red Light Holland to CCrest Laboratories includes there psilocybin genetics namely: Galindoi, Tampanensis and Mexicana.

The second shipment has increased logistics efficiency while at the same time maintaining temperature-controlled refrigerated conditions from door-to-door cross the Atlantic.

Red Light Holland says its next phase of work in this international partnership will be to evaluate the sustainability of its natural psilocybin as a source of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for medical and scientific purposes.

I’m absolutely thrilled to have completed a second, even larger import and sale from the Netherlands to Canada. This is just another milestone for Red Light Holland and our loyal shareholders. We continue our path to work within the careful means of the regulatory process with reliable partners in hopes of pushing for safe, responsible access to the company’s naturally occurring psilocybin by testing, learning and educating the public and hopefully Governments right here in Canada and across the world,” said the CEO of Red Light Holland, Todd Shapiro.

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