At the end of last week, Michigan Senators introduced a bill seeking to decriminalize possession and cultivation of psychedelics substances like psilocybin and mescaline which are extracted from plants and fungus.

This bill was sponsored by Senators Jeff Irwin (D) and Adam Hollier (R), the proposal is seeking to drop criminal penalties for possession and cultivation of psychedelics across the state as long as they are not receiving money or other valuable consideration for the entheogenic plant and fungus.

Under the bill, entheogenic substances listed include plants which naturally produce ibogaine, psilocin, DMT and psilocybin.

Nonetheless, according to the bill commercial production and sales of psychedelics will not be legalized. The bill further clarifies that people can charge a reasonable fee for counseling, spiritual guidance or related service which provide in conjunction with the use of an entheogenic fungus or plant under the guidance and supervision of a person providing the service.

Senator Irwin took on twitter to explain how it makes sense to decriminalize entheogenic substances.

There is medicinal value. These plants and fungi have religious significance. And these substances are relatively safe and not prone to abuse. Let’s stop wasting time and money making more victims of the War on Drugs,” tweeted Senator Irwin.


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