Psychedelics company focusing on discovery and development of psychedelic therapies Field Trip Health Ltd. (TSE: FTRP) (NASDAQ: FTRP) announced having opened a psychedelics healthcare facility in Amsterdam, Netheralands.

The facility is going by the name Piet Heinkade and it goes on record as Field Trip’s first healthcare facility outside North America.

Since truffles containing psilocybin and psilocin are legal in Amsterdam, it’s perhaps the main reason why the company choose the location for its first Europe based healthcare facility.

The clinic will be equipped with healthcare personnel comprising of psychiatrists and nurses who will take patients through psychedelic-enhanced psychotherapy.

The company maintains that psychedelic-assisted therapy can help patients break free from routine thinking patterns.

We have 99 per cent of the same thoughts every day. Your brain, after age 10 or 11, gets stuck in this circuit, it forms a lot of biases and beliefs about the world. These psychedelics disrupt this pattern of thinking. You wake up the next day and you’re kind of looking at things from a different perspective and questioning a lot of your assumptions. That can be extremely therapeutic because a lot of our assumptions are self-sabotaging and harmful to our health,” said the company’s medical director, Dr. Michael Verbora.

At the facility, patients will go through two screening sessions to determine if or not psychedelic therapy is suitable for their condition. Thereafter, there will be a minimum of one preparatory session before they take the magic truffles.

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