Mental healthcare company focusing on accelerating access of evidence-based innovation by mental health patients COMPASS Pathways PLC. (CMPS) announced having reached out to Mr. Hamilton Morris, a research scientist and a film maker to serve as a full time consultant at the company’s Discovery Center.

The Discovery Center is based at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia in the United States. Mr. Morris will be mandated with advising the company on studies related to new psychedelics compounds that could be developed into therapies of unmet mental conditions.

Morris is the creator and director of the documentary series Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia which investigates the history, chemistry and cultural impact of various psychoactive drugs. He also conducts chemistry researches at USciences in collaboration with researchers from COMPASS Pathways including; Dr. Jason Wallach, an assistant professor of pharmaceuticals sciences at USciences.

The company’s co-founder and president, Lars Wilde, welcomed Morris to the company further adding his experience and skills will help the company in developing new therapies for mantal health challenges.

I am delighted to welcome Hamilton to our team. He is already well known for his deep knowledge and his enthusiasm. I believe his expertise will further enhance our world-class team of scientists who are finding new compounds for our portfolio of therapies for patients who are suffering with serious mental health challenges,” said Wilde.

On his side, Morris acknowledged that he has worked with Dr. Jason for years in various projects hence the opportunity to work together in COMPASS Pathways will strengthen their ties further.

For over a decade, Jason and I have worked together studying the chemistry and pharmacology of psychedelics. Working with the COMPASS team will allow us to make strides in developing novel psychedelics that could have tremendous medical and scientific value,” said Morris.

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