Mental healthcare company focusing on speeding patient access to evidence based innovation in mental health COMPASS Pathways PLC. (CMPS) announced having acquired an intellectual property (IP) platform comprising of patent applications covering various psychedelics compounds and empathogenic substances.

This intellectual property was developed with the help of inventor Dr. Matthias Grill PhD, who is also the founder and chief executive officer of Swiss based MiHKAL GmbH. Grill will be working with COMPASS Pathways on an exclusive research project to develop new products candidates.

Various products have been covered in the intellectual property including a variety of psychedelics compounds empathogenic substances of which some are prodrugs meaning they are pharmacologically inactive compounds which are metabolized inside the body to produce a new drug.

The new substances comprise of novel derivatives also known as compounds they increase the confidence in therapeutic effects and safety profile while offering optimized characteristics.

Chemistry still happens inside the flask and not on paper. Inspired by the work of chemists like Albert Hofmann and Alexander Shulgin, I am proud to be developing these evolved compounds in Switzerland, where many of the initial psychedelics were first researched and synthesized. We are creating novel candidates to address many of the mental health challenges we face today,” said Grill.

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