Non-plant touching life science company and intellectual property (IP) incubator Resurgent Biosciences announced having launched its first Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved research activity touching on enthegeon and psychedelics experiences.

Resurgent Biosciences is fully owned subsidiary of pharmaceutical Cannabis company aiming at bringing power of pants to people by replacing pharmaceuticals, alcohol and tobacco with beneficial plants Goodness Growth Holding Inc. (CSE: GDNS) (OTCQX: GDNSF).

Resurgent is in the process of recruiting 100 participants  who will participate in the anonymous online survey seeking to study the varying effects of psychedelic and entheogen experiences for spiritual, religious and therapeutic purposes.

The company is hoping this research will help it in future developments including future studies and wellness applications of designed to help promote more positive and long lasting results from psychedelics-infused therapies.

Lab-based research will always be an essential aspect of our research and development process. However, to create more effective psychedelic-based therapies and services, we believe it is equally important to thoroughly explore the tremendous wealth of experience and wisdom that already exists and is active today based on centuries of both spiritual and therapeutic practices. Learning from and respecting the rich history of psychedelic traditional practices as well as the extensive existing therapeutic use is an important first step to support a path for future therapies in the United States that afford long term safety and efficacy,” said the company’s chief medical officer, Stephen Dahmer.

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