Life sciences company focusing on restoring and regaining a healthier body through production and distribution of medicinal mushrooms Psyched Wellness Ltd. (CSE: PSYC) (OTCQB: PSYCF) announced having started the initial steps of a clinical sleep study for a structure/function claim for its proprietary extract from Amanita Muscaria mushrooms (AME-1).

This study seeks to conduct an assessment of a novel sleep enhancing food supplement for self-declared insomniacs based on both subjective and objective sleep measures inclusive of the residual effects.

This study will be headed by company’s head of scientific committee and board member Professor David Nutt who is a also a psychiatric and a Professor of psychopharmacology at the Imperial College London.

Psyched Wellness is researching the hugely important field of sleep and its disorders, and the Company’s proprietary AME-1 has the potential to assist with these. Positive results from this clinical study will allow the Company to write a claim on the future AME-1 supplement that the product can help with sleep while also improving daytime functioning,” said Nutt.

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