Activists from California State have been granted approval to start collecting signatures for the bill seeking to decriminalize use and possession of psychedelics across the state.

At the end of last week, the office of attorney released a title and summary for the initiative. The activists are hoping to include the psychedelics legalization bill in next year’s voting.

The activist group is now geared towards collecting 623,212 signatures to make it possible to legalize sale and possession of psychedelics under California state law to make the ballot. The activists have 180 days to collect the signatures so as to qualify the imitative for the ballot.

According to the summary issued by the state’s attorney, the proposal will decriminalize growing, consumption, sale, distribution, storage, manufacture and possession of psilocybin mushrooms commonly known as magic mushrooms and the chemical compounds extracted from them for people aged 21 and above.

The activists’ campaign director, Ryan Munevar, says they will be using a multifaceted approach to ensure the collection of signatures process has been executed successfully and efficiently.

The group says already there are about 2,800 people who have volunteered to assist with the process of collecting signatures in the state.

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