Mental healthcare company making investments in infrastructure for specialized practitioners to administer psychedelic therapies Novamind Inc. (CSE: NM) (OTCQB: NVMDF) has launched a psychedelic palliative program at its newly opened clinic and research center in Murray, Utah.

This initiative goes down on record as the first of its kind since the psychedelic palliative program combines psychedelics drugs with workshops, multi-day immersive retreats, psychotherapy and it also gives palliative care support to persons who are suffering from chronic and other serious illness.

The company’s chief science officer, Dr. Paul Thielking, says via Novamind’s clinical research unit the palliative program will host studies to evaluate the use of psychedelic medicine including ketamine to lay foundation for future clinical studies examining psilocybin.

Patients receiving palliative care have higher rates of depression than the general population. Unfortunately, standard anti-depression and anti-anxiety treatments do not work for everyone, can cause side effects, and can take up to eight weeks to work. Due to psychedelic medicine’s generally low side effect burden and fast-acting nature, it shows promise for patients who are physically ill and might have limited life expectancies,” said the CSO.

The CSO further added that the program will be based on notable studies conducted by Johns Hopkins University and New York University which have showed that psilocybin has a major potential in treating anxiety and depression in cancer patients.

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