Life Sciences company focused on advancing psychedelic therapeutics by capitalizing on drug development, unique delivery mechanisms and improved novel compounds Cybin Inc. (NEO: CYBN) (NYSEAMERICAN: CYBN) announced having submitted an international patent application covering methods used in delivery of psychedelics medicines via inhalation and the devices involved in these methods.

International patents are normally governed by the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) which covers patent coverage across 153 countries across the world.

Cybin believes that when psychedelics are delivered through inhalation key hurdles involved in traditional oral drug delivery are surpassed. Additionally, Cybin expects that deliver via inhalation will enhance optimized psychedelics session timing compared to oral delivery of the same compounds.

The company adds that inhalation also lower psychedelic therapies doses while preserving efficacy and it provides healthcare providers with increased control during psychedelics sessions.

The continued progression of our research programs guides our discovery of new molecules and differentiating treatment approaches. Continued innovation, as demonstrated by our expanding IP portfolio, positions Cybin as a leading innovator in the development of putative psychedelic treatments for a variety of mental health conditions,” said Cybin’s CEO, Doug Drysdale.

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