A newly established psychedelics wellness center in New York City, Nushama Psychedelic Wellness Center, is providing medically controlled treatments for patients suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, trauma-induced mood disorders and depression.

Different to the sterile clinical settings, Nushama psychedelic center is equipped with bright colors, greenery, florals and different art installations which can be found in the space of NFTs and custom murals by Jessica Lichtenstein.

Natural sounds like crickets and water can also be heard in the center, Jay Godfrey, the co-founder of Nushama says the idea behind the center is to bring new beginnings aimed at taking people back to their childlike sense of wonder.

Nushama is about new beginnings, intended to reintroduce people to their own childlike sense of wonder that people encounter when they have a psychedelic experience, returning to the unconditioned self. We were inspired by Jessica Lichtenstein’s work, ethereal and apropos of how beautiful and heart-opening a journey can be,” said Godfrey.

The psychedelic center is majorly using ketamine to provide treatment for its clients, this is because ketamine is already legalized for use unlike other psychedelic compounds like ibogaine, MDMA, BMT, LSD and psilocybin which are pending legalization since their clinical trials are still underway.

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