Health care company focused on merging latest psychedelics medicine with best evidenced-based care and a holistic integrated approach to treating mental conditions Numinus Wellness Inc. (CVE: NUMI) announced having finished the study design and protocol for a phase 1 clinical trial on naturally extracted psilocybin, the company had previously given updates on this initiative back in April this year.

The says the main milestone it achieved in this initiative is advancing investigations of its first proprietary product which was developed using a pending patent application which Numinus Wellness has already submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The developed naturally psilocybin extract by the company is named PSYBINA derived from psilocybe species using intellectual property technology related to production of extracts and formulations from Psychoactive Species Cultured Mycelium.

The company terms this phase 1 clinical trial as ‘A Healthy Adult Investigation Observing Endpoint Measures of Safety and Relative Bioavailability of Psilocybin in Comparison to a Psilocybe Extract”.

The phase1 trial design compares the innovative formulation designed to be more bioavailable with synthetic psilocybin used as the baseline comparator and exploratory brain scans will visualize the potential differences in neuroactivity.

The Phase 1 launch leverages multiple Numinus assets, including our Clinical Research team and Numinus Bioscience team working together to successfully develop and run this clinical trial. The majority of the work from discovery, research and development, production, clinical trial application and trial conduct are all happening in house, demonstrating our leadership and capabilities in psychedelic therapeutics,” said the company’s CEO, Payton Nyquvest.

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