The Prime Minister on UK, Boris Johnson says that he will consider the growing calls to decriminalize magic mushroom product commonly referred to as psilocybin in the country. Boris made these sentiments after Tory Member of Parliament, Crispin Blunt urged the PM to initiate a review on the law.

I can say that we will consider the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs recent advice on reducing barriers to research with controlled drugs such as the one he describes, and we will be getting back to him as soon as possible. There is no record anywhere that a substance that has come out of ‘schedule two’ and gone into the criminal supply chain,” said Johnson during a BBC interview.

Blunt is advocating for more research into the healing properties of magic mushrooms which many studies by psychedelics companies and research institutions have proved that the drug has enormous healing potential especially when it comes to addictions and mental conditions.

Blunt claims magic mushroom has exciting potential for the treatment of mental health conditions including: post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), trauma and depression.

The Prime Minister said he would get back to Blunt probably after making some necessary consultations.

In the UK, psilocybin is listed in Schedule 1 of the Misuse of Drug Act, other drugs in the list include; LSD and ecstasy also known as MDA or Molly. Drugs under this category, can’t be legally possessed or prescribed and they further need a home license for use in research.

Mr. Blunt together with others pushing this initiative, want psilocybin to be moved to Schedule 2 where it will be in same category with medical cannabis. Under this category, the drugs are legalized and they can be used for medical and scientific research however, some restrictions are imposed to prevent inappropriate use.

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