Psychedelic biotech company developing psychedelic-assisted therapies to treat mental conditions and addictions MindMed Inc. (NASDAQ: MNMD) (NEO: MMED) has launched R(-)-MDMA program which aims at treating social anxiety and functioning in diagnoses that include Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

R(-)-MDMA is an equal part combination of two enantiomers: R(-) and S(+). The two enantiomers have the same molecular formula and sequence of bonded atoms with each of them having a unique pharmacological activity.

Various studies have found that MDMA induces feelings of social connection, for instance, a study published two days ago, which analyzed 27 studies involving 600 study participants showed that racemic MDMA simply known as MDMA has a significant effect on social connection.

The study further suggests that MDMA may be very useful in treating alcohol addiction disorders and social anxiety in autistic adults.

MindMed says that from its preclinical data, MDMA shows pro-social and empathogenic effects of racemic MDMA however, it shows a fewer signs of adverse effects such as neurotoxicity and stimulant activity.

The launch of our R(-)-MDMA program represents an important milestone in the continued progress of MindMed and builds on our commitment to developing psychedelics and psychedelic-inspired therapies to treat significant unmet medical needs.  The compelling clinical efficacy of MDMA coupled with the unique pharmacological benefits of its R(-) enantiomer suggest that there is an enormous opportunity to bring this second generation psychedelic program to market with the potential for new clinical applications, novel treatment paradigms and enhanced accessibility,” said the company’s CEO, Robert Barrow.

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