Psychedelic pharmaceutical company focusing on development of drugs to tackle mental conditions Diamond Therapeutics Inc. announced having conducted the first ever clinical trial evaluating low-dose non-hallucinogenic psilocybin.

The clinical trial was aimed at testing the safety and tolerability of low dose non-hallucinogenic psilocybin among healthy participants. The company says it completed its first cohort on phase 1 clinical trial on November 8.

The chair of the company’s scientific advisory board, Dr. Edward Sellers, says this clinical trial is the beginning on low dose psilocybin as the compound has a huge healing potential when it comes to mental conditions.

This trial will allow us to identify a safe and non-hallucinogenic dose of psilocybin. The results will help inform future clinical trials to evaluate psilocybin’s potential for treating mental health disorders. We plan to thoroughly evaluate the potential of low-dose psilocybin through a rigorous clinical trial program and believe that this is just the beginning,” said Sellers.

This goes down as the first ever systematic double-blind phase 1 clinical trial placebo controlled study of significantly low doses of psilocybin.

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