Colorado based Naropa University has unveiled a new certificate course in psychedelic-assisted therapies making it to the list of the few learning institutions across the world offering courses combining academic and clinical practice expertise and compassion to provide training and in-depth skills in the emerging psychedelic sector.

The learning institution says that the program will be a 200 hour, non-degree, low residency certificate course which will provide post-graduate level training for advanced healthcare workers working in the therapeutic areas such as social work, medicine and mental health counseling.

The University’s president, Charles G. Lief, says the program will bring together trauma informed healthcare, contemplative practices and teachings and spiritual integration to prepare learners with needed skills to navigate the fast developing psychedelics industry.

The effectiveness of the scientifically validated potential of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies is directly linked to the skill of the professionals who guide clients through the experience. Naropa University is well positioned to offer this new Certificate, which draws from our almost 50-year history of integrating academic study, community-based learning and contemplative disciplines as the foundation for training therapists, counselors and chaplains. Naropa graduates are sought after practitioners, and their impact on mental health care is internationally known. We are proud of our faculty and alumni who are making outstanding contributions to the field,” said Lief.

Back in last year, Naropa University entered into a partnership with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) to offer a tailor made course in MDMA-assisted psychotherapy. This partnership will be extended to the new certificate course by the learning institution.

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