Biopharmaceutical company focusing on easing and pain and suffering associated with cancer Sunstone Therapies has unveiled an initiative to accelerate and scale safe psychedelic therapy aimed at addressing the mental and emotional needs among cancer patients.

The company goes down on record as the first company to ever develop psychedelic therapy design which integrates the physical setting with the administration of drug to ensure the most effective therapeutic experience for cancer patients.

The company has been conducting clinical trials and giving specialized training to therapists who will be in charge of taking care of the cancer patients during and after the psychedelic therapies. Sunstone sees itself as the link between cancer centers and psychedelic drug manufacturers.

According to the company’s founder and chief executive officer, Dr. Manish Agrawal, they have been creating the standard of care for the delivery of psychedelic therapy since psychedelics have proven of having the potential to bride the gap in care for cancer patients experiencing severe mental illness.

While working as an oncologist, I saw first-hand that there was a huge unmet need; I was taking good care of my patients by treating their cancer, but they were dealing with tremendous suffering that I couldn’t address properly through traditional cancer care. This led me to research psychedelic therapy specifically psilocybin therapy with the goal of integrating effective mental health treatment into cancer care protocols across the country,” said Agrawal.

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