Biotechnology company focusing on developing innovative first and second generation novel therapeutics for treatment of addiction and mental health Mydecine Innovations Group (NEO: MYCO) (OTC: MYCOF) has submitted a full patent application covering multiple families of psilocybin analogs.

The patent also covers solutions addressing precision in delivery control and shelf stabilization of active metabolite in psilocybin known as psilocin. Both psilocybin and psilocin are very important when it comes to therapies related to mental health.

By administering psilocybin orally, it creates a wide a wide variability in onset time for each patient, this makes it a little difficult to standardize protocols and scale treatments. The dermal route by Mydecine to administer psilocin directly solves such concerns.

By bypassing the digestive system, the permeation enhanced prodrug provides more control to over the drug while also doing away with unwanted side effects like nausea.

This patent also addresses the poor shelf stability of naturally extracted psilocybin as it includes a family of stabilized psilocin analogs. The company’s chief science officer, Rob Roscow, says this development puts them a step closer towards having a drug which meets regulatory requirements and addresses concerns for medical use.

The goal of creating these improved second-generation compounds is to enable safer, more effective treatments for patients along with improved management of dosage and drug behavior for clinicians. We believe these improvements are necessary for psychedelic medicines to become an accepted and adopted form of treatment,” said the CSO.

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