The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has revised upwards its 2022 production quotas for illicit controlled substances including MDMA, DMT and psilocybin for research purposes. This was communicated through a notice recently published in the Federal Register.

Increasing demand and interest by scientific community for psychedelic substances has once again pushed DEA to increase its quota for these psychedelic substances.

When DEA released its quota for the first time this year, production quota for psilocybin was at 30 grams this number has since been ramped up to 8,000 grams signifying a 26,000% increase since the first quota release of the year.

Citing the recent notice, DEA increased the production quota for MDMA to over 8,000 grams down from 3,200 grams this is quite a significant increase considering the first quota release of the year was 50 grams.

DMT, which is equally another psychedelic substance commonly used by the medical and research communities was also increased from a production quota of 250 grams to 3,000 grams. DEA’s initial 2021 quota for DMT was 50 grams.

According to the notice by DEA, the aggregate production quotas reflected its estimates of the industrial, research, scientific and medical needs of the United States come 2022.

DEA further claims that it will adjust the quotas application for manufacturers registered under the DEA or received extra research protocols for researchers registered under the DEA.

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