Earlier in the week, the city council of Port Townsend, Washington voted in favor of decriminalizing fungi and entheogenic plants across the city. This move makes the city to join an expanding list of cities and states across the United who have been loosening their policies on psychedelics compounds and drugs.

According to a resolution adopted unanimously by the city council, laws against natural psychedelics drugs such as ayahuasca, peyote and magic mushrooms will be among the lowest law enforcement in the city.

This move is also an indication of the support by the city council in decriminalization of psychedelics by the State of Washington and at the federal level. Back in October, the city staff drafted a Port Townsend’s psychedelics decriminalization resolution after Seattle City Council approved a similar one.

After two and a half years working on this issue, we are extremely excited that the City of Port Townsend has passed a resolution supporting the decriminalization of entheogens. We received only support in the passing of this resolution and are grateful for the vibrant community that has congealed around this work,” said Erin Reading a member of Port Townsend Psychedelics Society (PTPS).

PTPS is a dedicated group focusing on decriminalizing entheogenic plants and conducting research into the healing potential of psychedelic compounds. Before the voting took place, PTPS proposed amendment to the resolution which was changed to make entheogens ‘among the lowest’ law enforcement priorities instead of a ‘low’ priority.

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