Matt Stang, the chief executive officer of psychedelic wellness company focusing on bringing safe, legal and science-backed benefits to all Delic Holdings Corp. (CSE: DELC) (OTCQB: DELCF) joined the Gamechangers Live podcast where he shared his views concerning the development of the psychedelic industry.

During the interview, Stang who is also the founder of Delic Holdings reminisced on his wonderful background in the alternative drug sector going back to High Times, a leading counterculture publication which is now a major voice in the cannabis industry where he began as an intern.

I started off as an intern. It’s one of those wonderful stories. I graduated from college and wrote a senior thesis on legalization of marijuana. My thesis was that, with the terrorist attacks of 9/11, we could bring conservatives on board to legalization with a ‘tax and regulate’ strategy. I submitted it to a friend who was friends with the General Counsel. He read it, loved it, and asked me to come in and intern. So, a week after I graduated, I got an internship at High Times and worked my way up,” said Stang.

Subsequently, Stang later climbed the ladder and became the owner and operator of High Times a position which gave him an upper hand when it comes to the roles he played in legalization of cannabis across different states.

Additionally, Stang also emphasized on the benefits of psychedelic substances including their ability to effectively supplant traditional benzodiazepines.

You’ve got tons of people stuck on Xanax or Percocet or all of these maintenance drugs that don’t actually change you at all. You take them every day and, for the four to six hours that they’re active, you feel better. When they wear off, you feel worse. With our internal data, the ketamine that we utilize is having somewhere between a 70-80% efficacy rate, meaning people are curative or better from using it for a certain period of time. With MDMA, they had a 77% rate. With psilocybin, it was closer to 80%,” said the CEO.

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