Biotechnology company specializing in research, development and acceptance of naturally extracted medicine for better clinical trial management and mental health welfare Mydecine Innovations Group Inc. (NEO: MYCO) (OTC: MYCOF) announced having completed modeling of the classic psychedelic serotonin receptor 5-HT2A for use in their artificial intelligence (AI) driven drug discovery program.

This new model will allow the company to quickly screen billions of structures to determine which novel compounds are highly likely to increase binding affinity, this will allow them to continue creating improved second and third generation psychedelic molecules for medical use.

The move by Mydecine to concentrate its drug discovery efforts around artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will enable the company to discover drug enhancements more cost effectively and more efficiently than its peers in the sector.

Use of AI technology is relatively new in the drug development space and its application is continuously increasing with each new day. Use of AI tech is aimed at eliminating or significantly reducing the manual efforts companies normally go through to identify possible drug improvements.

AI technology filters the drug candidates enabling the company to essentially make its investment in the later stage drug development more valuable after eliminating potential candidates likely to fail in the initial stages of the process.

AI gives us an incredibly robust tool for screening potential novel psychedelic compounds. This screening gives us increased confidence in investing in the later stages of our drug development and enables rapid development in our pipeline,” said the company’s chief science officer, Rob Roscow.

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