Neuro-pharmaceutical company drug development company advancing medicines that leverage on psychedelic compounds Mynd Life Sciences Inc. (CSE: MYND) (OTCMKTS: MYNDF)  has entered into a collaborative research agreement with University of British Columbia (UBC) focusing of novel treatments for neurological diseases.

The company is creating safe and effective precision medicine based on proprietary technology targeting intractable diseases affecting the Central Nervous System (CNS) with an aim of improving the standard of care for patients.

The study aims to test new compounds including psilocybin compounds which may modify neurological diseases. MYND Life is focusing to develop, validate and patent the ability of psilocybin based drugs to change outcomes in diseases.

The company’s chief executive officer, Dr. Lyle Oberg, says via the 38 licenses issued by Health Canada under their section J exemptions of the Food and Drug Act issued to the UBC Laboratory, the company has the ability to examine the unique actions of analogues of psilocybin.

We are very excited to announce our second Collaborative Research Agreement focusing on diseases of the brain. We have a unique opportunity to improve the wellness and quality of life of millions of people and families torn apart by the tragedy of dementia and other debilitating diseases of the Central Nervous System. The MYND management team has a wealth of scientific, clinical and operational experience, and is well networked within the pharmaceutical industry. The Psilocybin sector is rapidly transitioning to become a pharmaceutical industry and MYND holds a unique position within the sector in terms of building upon our unique intellectual property and a valuable portfolio of related patents,” said the CEO.


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