Biotechnology company specializing in research, development and acceptance of naturally extracted medicine for clinical management and mental wellness Mydecine Innovations Group Inc. (NEO: MYCO) (OTCMKTS: MYCOF) announced that it will be launching the Special Access Support and Supply Program (SASSP) in Canada in efforts to expand access to psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy by patients.

This program is aiming at providing products and services to physicians, hospitals and clinics in Canada who are willing to treat patients through psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

Following approval of psychedelic compounds MDMA and psilocybin to be listed under Health Canada’s Special Access Program (SAP), Mydecine is looking forward to fill an existing gap in the market by enabling thousands of healthcare workers and clinics get the resources needed give much need psychedelic-therapies to patients.

“The goal of our Special Access Support and Supply Program, is to help physicians who want to prescribe these treatments to their patients but might not have access to the drug product in Canada or experience implementing psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. It’s extremely encouraging to see these much-needed treatments gaining government acceptance, and now we need to enable successful therapy outcomes. Outside of safe drug products, practitioners need access to the resources and the proper training to provide these treatments to their patients. By launching this program, we are providing the resources the thousands of non-psychedelic clinics and hospitals will need in order to safely and effectively integrate these therapies into existing medical practices,” said the company’s CEO, Josh Bartch.

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