Biotechnology company engaging in contact based cannabis research and analytical testing to help licensed producers in cultivation, processing and extraction of naturally derived compounds Lexston Life Sciences Corp. (CSE: LEXT) (OTCMKTS: LEXTF) announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Egret Bioscience Ltd has developed and validated a genetic barcode comprising of eight single Nucleotide Polymorphism for psychedelic mushroom genetic identification.

The psychedelic mushroom genetic identification test is dubbed ‘Egret Psilocybe Assay.’ Previously, Egret Biosciences had developed and published a similar genetic identification tests for the cannabis industry. The company has since been offering the service to licensed producers through its affiliate licensed lab Zenalytic Laboratories Ltd.

In the beginning of the month, the controlled substances directorate of Health Canada amended their regulations to allow practitioners to prescribe restricted drugs such as psilocybin and psilocin via the Special Access Program (SAP) for patients suffering from resistant depression and other debilitating illnesses that have failed to respond to conventional treatments.

Our team has been steadfast at work to develop and implement validated state-of-the-art methods for genetic identification of psychedelic mushrooms. Our assay provides the first of its kind Psilocybe genetic barcode, a rapid and efficient diagnostic test able to provide individual genetic strain identification and differentiate strains from the main groups of Psilocybe mushrooms, in particular P. cubensis, P. tampanensis and P. mexicana (P. galindoi). This traceability and authentication tool will be paramount in establishing best practice for the psychedelic industry,” said the CEO of Lexston, Jag Bal.

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