Producer and seller of premium brand magic truffles via existing smart shop operators and an advanced e-commerce platform Red Light Holland Corp. (CSE: TRIP) (OTCMKTS: TRUFF) has send congratulatory message to its partner  CCrest Laboratories for securing an approval from Health Canada to supply psilocybin to the new Special Access Program (SAP).

SAP allows patients suffering from conditions not treatable by other medication to get access to psilocybin. Red Light has successfully imported its psilocybin truffles from Netherlands to CCrest Laboratories twice where they were tested.

Both companies have continuously showed a firm commitment to the highest regulatory compliance standards. Red Light is seeking to provide CCres Lab with a source of their naturally occurring psilocybin truffles which will then be made available free of charge for eligible patients under the SAP program based on compassionate need.

The new special access program is a great first step to increase access to psilocybin responsibly in Canada and our partners, CCrest Laboratories, have done amazing work to be approved by Health Canada as a supplier. As a company we want to make a positive difference in this world, which is why we’d like to offer our lab tested Truffles via CCrest Labs, free of charge, to patients who are granted Special Access in Canada,” said the CEO of Red Light, Todd Shapiro.

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