Educational platform focusing on training in psychedelic and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy Fluence announced having raised $3 million from its just concluded seed funding round.

Following this financing round the company has now completed its initial funding round which first close was announced on November 4, 2021. This financing round was led by JLS Fund, Baroda Ventures, Iter Investment, Evolve Ventures and Foundation and LearnStart among others.

Fluence says it will be using cash from the funding round to finance launch of new courses, training and psychedelic therapy certificate programs. The company will also use the funds to bolster the development of training software and expansion its e-learning platform.

With psychedelics, we are witnessing the emergence of new psychiatric treatment models. The funding we have received will help us transform today’s mental health professionals into psychedelic therapists, and improve our ability to support our drug developer clients to create the psychedelic treatments of the future,” said Fluence co-founder, Ingmar Gorman.

Dr. Elizabeth Nielson, the company’s co-founder also, says in past two years Fluence has trained around 1,000 practitioners with licensed healthcare professionals and graduate students to advance clinical skills giving them tools to provide their patient with effective evidence-based psychedelic therapy and integration services.

Fluence is proud to provide high-quality professional education about psychedelic therapy for research and community-based clinical practice. The expertise of our team, developed in multiple psychedelic-assisted therapy clinical trials and research positions, translates to meaningful, engaging, and impactful training experiences for our trainees. We look forward to implementing the growth of our team that this funding will support and welcoming the next generation of therapists to our field,” said Dr. Elizabeth Nielson.

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