Biotechnology company developing integrated functional mushroom brand which focuses on health and wellness Optimi Health Corp. (CSE: OPTI) (OTCQB: OPTHF) has officially launched its line of functional mushroom supplements to consumers in Canada.

This initiative is aimed at transforming the health and wellness space with the formulation created with the highest quality fruiting body mushrooms for the entire body and the mind.

Through the newly unveiled website the company is now selling high demand functional mushroom varieties including; Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Chaga and Reishi.

According to the company’s board chair, JJ Wilson, cordyceps are widely recognized for their significant health benefits and they are largely getting adopted by the Western market.

As a Canadian company, we are thrilled to bring the significant health benefits of functional mushrooms directly to Canadians and beyond. We pride ourselves in offering an industry leading line of supplements made with the highest quality fruiting body mushrooms so Canadians can enjoy all the cognitive and physical benefits of this next level super food. With operations set to launch at our Princeton facility, we look forward to ultimately growing and cultivating as many of our own functional mushroom strains as possible to vertically-integrate the company, right here in Canada,” said Wilson.

Using an evolving line of six mushroom based supplements and a vegan protein powder featuring an advanced mushroom complex, Optimi is bringing these health benefits directly consumers in Canada.

The company takes pride in supplying the best mushrooms, adhering to cultivation and extraction methods which preserve the integrity and benefits of the raw material.

Our team of researchers, formulators and quality assurance experts at Optimi is second-to-none in the nutraceutical industry. When we couple this expertise with the astute guidance of the Optimi Advisory Board, we can be confident in our ability to be leaders in the therapeutic and functional mushroom market,” said the company’s CEO, Bill Ciprick.

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