The advisory board mandated with drafting the rules for Oregon’s nascent psilocybin industry voted unanimously to adopt a motion that requires all the board members to verbally disclose their personal and financial conflict of interest (actual or anticipated) during its next monthly meeting.

The voting exercise took place on February 23 and board member Rachel Knox, who chairs the equality subcommittee, is responsible for introducing the proposal during the February monthly meeting.

I’m presenting this conversation because I know the equity subcommittee has witnessed a considerable number of calls on the board to declare potential and de facto conflicts of interest,” said Knox.

According to the proposed amendment, brighter lines around disclosure requirements will be established compared to the current existing board’s bylaws which are considered to hold less weight. It’s yet not clear what prompted the request for clearer disclosure requirements.

Confusion is engulfing the board since some board members want to start businesses in the psychedelics industry in one way or another.

I’m a bit confused with this requirement to recuse because board members were selected, were appointed, in many cases knowing that they had plans to start businesses. And probably some people want to start businesses later if they don’t declare them now. So, knowing that, why would we want to prevent those appointed board members from voting knowing that some of them had clear plans from the beginning?” said board member, Ali Hamade.

I think we should have an expectation, if I personally am going to gain by a certain vote because I have a conflict, I think my obligation is to recuse myself,” said another board member, Barb Hansen.

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