Biotechnology company focusing on development and delivery of technology-enabled psychedelic therapies Field Trip Health Ltd. (NASDAQ: FTRP) (TSX: FTRP) has entered into a partnership with Cerebral to provide personalized end-to-end solutions to individuals seeking to improve their mental health conditions.

Cerebral is an online mental health platform which is growing at a very rapid rate. According to the partnership agreement, Cerebral clinicians have been given the authority to refer patients to Field Trip Health’s ketamine assisted therapy.

On the other hand, Field Trip will link potential clients seeking general psychiatry and teletherapy services to Cerebral. Currently, Field Trip has clinics operating in across eight major cities in the U.S making it the largest provider of psychedelic-assisted therapies in North America.

Field Trip’s Executive Chairman, Ronan Levy says following this partnership their patients will have access to services beyond psychedelics treatments and can henceforth access a holistic offering of mental health treatments via Cerebral.

Our partnership with Cerebral will lower the barriers of entry into ketamine assisted therapy for many people who have solely been exposed to generalized psychiatry or might have not been presented with an alternative of exploring a healing journey propelled through psychedelics. We’re excited to be Cerebral’s preferred platform to refer patients to. Together we will help change the mental health landscape by bringing together teletherapy, telepsychiatry, and psychedelic-assisted therapy and offer more comprehensive benefits to consumers’ mental health,” said Levy.

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